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Cannabis Flowers

Medical Cannabis Flowers at guaranteed lowest prices online. Price Match Guarantee on all mail orders of weed products.

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Cannabis-derived extracts that contain concentrated amounts of the psychoactive compound THC and a multiplicity of other cannabinoids.

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Dosed with THC / activated cannabinoids for euphoric taste buds.

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Non-physcoactive experience but still get the anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

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Our growing selection of Shrooms - from magic mushrooms to microdosing capsules.

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Buy Premium Cannabis Online With Cheap Bud Canada

Cheap Bud Canada offers more than just weed

(though we do certainly have plenty of that).

Here, you can find almost any marijuana product you desire.

Here, you can find almost any marijuana product you desire.

Browse our wide selection of marijuana flowers to find the perfect strain to meet your needs. You can also find reviews from other customers to help you determine what effects a particular strain may have on you. Looking to stock up on the flowers you have? Order in bulk and save yourself some money. 

Cannabis flowers, not your preferred way to ingest weed?
We have you covered here, too. 
Cannabis concentrates such as hash, budder, shatter, and live resin are all available in different flavours. 

Users can also satisfy their sweet tooth by purchasing marijuana edibles.
Our online dispensary offers everything, from cannabis cookies to nerds rope candy and even vegan cannabis chocolate. We even offer drink mixes for those looking to try a new way to take cannabis. 

You can also find other marijuana products, including vape cartridges and other smoking accessories.
Want to try something new? Try a magic mushroom or marijuana tincture, both of which provide users with strong effects. 

That is a lot of marijuana products to sort through. But don’t let it stress you out. We are here to help make this decision easier. You can always reach out to our customer support team via chat or email. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect cannabis product for you, whether you are new to the marijuana scene or an experienced user looking to try something new. 

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Our Promise to You

No matter what you are buying, making any purchase online can be scary. You want to make sure that you get a quality product and it also arrives on your doorstep on schedule. And when it comes to buying something like cannabis, you likely want to make sure it will arrive discreetly.

When you order from Cheap Bud Canada, you can feel confident you’re only getting quality cannabis products. Our growers follow strict guidelines, and we test all of our strains to ensure they are of the highest quality.

We also utilize generic, prepaid Xpress envelopes to package our items with nothing written on the outside to advertise you purchased marijuana. Plus, we vacuum seal and bubble wrap the contents for discretion and to maintain the product’s quality in transit.  

Finally, we guarantee delivery. If your package has not arrived at your home within two days of the expected arrival date, let us know. We’ll file a trace with Canada Post. If the package is deemed “unrecoverable” or “lost in transit,” we will send you a replacement package worth up to $500 of the value of your order, free of charge.

If you have any questions about ordering your marijuana or marijuana products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

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Ready to Order?

When you purchase marijuana products from Cheap Bud Canada, you can feel confident you are receiving a quality product. In fact, we guarantee it. Our products are all locally grown and shipped from Vancouver, BC. 

We also offer flat-rate shipping on all orders. For only a $20 flat rate, we will ship your marijuana products anywhere in Canada. Your order will arrive in discreet packaging, so the neighbours won’t have to know what exactly you ordered. 

If your package didn’t arrive as scheduled, let us know. We’ll initiate a trace with Canada Post. If they still can’t find it, we will send you a replacement package up to $500 of the value of your package, free of charge. 

When shopping with Cheap Bud Canada, you can feel confident you are getting a quality product at the best price possible. Don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program when you check out. Thank you for trusting Cheap Bud Canada with your marijuana needs!

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Canada’s 5-Star Rated Online Marijuana Dispensary.

Get the Lowest Prices on AAAA Medical Marijuana Flowers and Shatters.

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Canada’s lowest marijuana prices online

On bulk orders of locally grown hybrid, sativa & indica flowers and shatters.

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Get mail order marijuana flowers & shatters delivered to you.

Within 1-3 business days. Guaranteed, fast and hassle free!

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